Launching Spring 2024

Step into a world where every element is thoughtfully curated to enhance your well-being. 

We understand the profound healing potential of water, and that's why we're dedicated to crafting an experience that embodies purity and wellness. By embarking on the journey to create a natural, toxin-free environment, we ensure that every moment you spend with us is infused with the highest quality ingredients and practices. From meticulously clean ozonated water to carefully selected minerals, we prioritize your well-being above all else. Join us as we redefine the standard for bathhouse experiences, where healing and rejuvenation flow seamlessly together in harmony with nature.

The Bathhouse

Medicinal Water

Double filtered, ozonated water, using silver ions and pure mineral salts.

Magnesium Pool

Restore your body in our heated magnesium pool to support relaxation, sleep, pain, skin health and more...

Cold Plunge

Experience the benefits of cold water therapy, including reduced inflammation, muscle recovery, hormone regulation and more...

Heat Therapy

Relax in the Infrared Sauna, where the light penetrates your cells, tissues and muscles, to enhance and deepen the detox and healing processes of the body.

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